Beau Monde Residential and Imperial Towers, Mumbai; ICICI, Hyderabad
Jobs at BES Following latest developments and trends, it is not possible to rely on traditional facade consulting alone. New generation designs require multi-discipline skills and integrated approach to better design and deliver smart solutions in accordance with standards.

Integrated Approach

Typical Facade Services
Facade Systems, Detailed Designs, Tech Specifications, Performance Tests, Contracter Design, QA/QC

Sustainability & Energy
Energy Impact, Occupant Comfort, Modelling, Glass Specs, IGBC, Life Cycle

BIM / 3D / Integration
BIM, BEIM, 3D designs, simulations, Resolve and optimize geometry, 3D facade model

Advanced Design
Complex Engineering, Material Research, Design Optimization, Components
Domain Experts

Rajan Govind
A certified SGMM (Singapore Green Mark Manager), Rajan brings over 20 years of experience in the Facade industry in diverse markets - Asia, Middle East and Australia.
Naveen Kumar
A Facade designers and 3D specialist, Naveen brings over 12 years of experience and delivers greater detail to bespoke facade systems and is a certified SGMM.
Venugopal Barkur
With an eye for quality assurance and quality control, Senior Facade Engineer Venugopal brings over 12 years of experience. Has unique skills in resolving complex engineering designs and on-site implementing expertise.
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